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Art of Enlightement:

Tibetan Thangka Paintings by Gyaltsen Jampa

Curated by Charles Daniels

January 29 - March 30, 2018

Art of Enlightenment celebrates the centuries-old Buddhist tradition of thangka painting with the work of contemporary Tibetan artist living in exile, Gyaltsen Jampa.  As sacred objects and themselves the products of a highly-skilled and spiritual practice, thangka scrolls depict a deity, scene, or mandala, a representation of the cosmos, from Tibetan Buddhism. Their vividly-detailed surfaces not only function as visual tools, teaching about a deity, influential figure, historical event, or central Buddhist concept, but also serve as devotional images incorporated into ceremony, ritual, or prayer. The thangka’s highest purpose, however, is as a vehicle of transcendence—a meditative tool to aid in a practitioner’s journey toward spiritual Enlightenment.  


Shakyamuni Buddha on Six-Ornamented Throne of Enlightenment, 2008.