Drawing the Line

Curated by The Queens Art Collective and Unfamous NY

January 23 - March 07, 2019

Drawing the Line, a retrospective of 1980s graffiti to modern, urban art aims to bring light on the debt that contemporary art movements owe to graffiti writers who paved the way for today's murals, public arts initiatives and the street art culture as whole.  


Drawing the Line takes the viewer on an immersive experience of graffiti and street art culture in New York City, beginning in the 1980s with the work of Henry Chalfant. A seasoned photographer, videographer, and documentary producer, and most notable for his work on graffiti, breakdance, and hip-hop culture, Chalfant has lent the Queens College Art Center a set of graffiti archives, which are a work of visual anthropology and one of the seminal documents of American popular culture in the late twentieth century. 

Representing the 1990s graffiti scene through the visual arts installations, Drawing the Line will include works by BG183 Tats Cru, Ghost Ris, Gouch, Part TDS and more. These older styles influenced the current, modern street art culture, which can be seen through the works of TurtleCaps, BelowKey, Chris RWK, and Matt Siren. 


This exhibition exposes the students and general public to the history which defines street art culture and lifestyle, while showcasing the development and evolution of an art form that has many times been misrepresented, especially when compared to other, more conventional, art forms.

The Queens Art Collective: www.queensartcollective.com

Unfamous NY: www.unfamousny.com

Participating Artists:

BelowKey - BG183, Tats Cru - Bis - Chris RWK - City Kitty - Curve - Diego 127 - Dos - Easy - Fcee - Free5NYC - Ghost Ris - Gouch - Henry Chalfant -Hiss Kit17 - KR1 - Matt Siren - Mel One - Miro Ris - Mrs - Mutz - Part TDS -ProxOne - Raphael Gonzalez - Ribs Gak - Riiisa Boogie - Sek Fink - Sev TDT - Shiro - South - SPone - Greg Lamarche - Turtle Caps - Vers - Vewer -YesOne, Tats Cru