May 6 - June 7, 2019

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, May 10, 6pm to 8 pm


Open to Public.


Mono Prismatic Wave is a group exhibition of eight contemporary Korean-American artists. Sharing a cultural heritage that is filtered through various forms of art, their works embody a unique life story and philosophy.


Queens is the most ethnically diverse urban area in the U.S. and Koreans are the fastest-growing ethnic group in Queens. Understanding other cultures while living in this multi-ethnic environment helps build strong communities. With the Korean Wave (Hallyu) trend, Korean Pop music and entertainment programs have become popular among young generations in the United States. However, contemporary Korean visual fine arts have not been exposed and noticed as much. Exhibiting artworks that are contemporary yet diverse in culture will allow students, faculty, and the public to have a new perspective on Korean culture and obtain a distinct cultural experience.


Curated by Stephanie S. Lee, Mono Prismatic Wave showcases more than 25 artworks from a wide range of visual styles and mediums, including installations, sculptures, fabric patchworks, paintings, mixed-media collages, and traditional Korean Folk Art influenced paintings. The term ‘Mono’ refers to four of the eight artists who play with forms and shapes with a minimalist color palette, and ‘Prismatic’ refers to the remaining four artists who use bright and bold colors as part of their visual method. The two obvious differences coexisting under one exhibition is a visual symbolization of how diversity works in Queens.


With the support of the Kupferberg Center for Arts and the Research Center for Korean Community at Queens College, this exhibition will reach and engage audiences and help them understand diverse culture and promote global cultural awareness.

About the exhibition and the artists: